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The Deadbeat is a 16 minute comedy short film starring George Wendt and completed at the Second City's Harold Ramis Film School.


After the sudden death of her pet hamster, young Dottie convinces her moody nihilist older brother Ned to take her to a fortune teller who claims he can raise pets from the dead.

Director's Statement

After graduating from college with a degree in English, I moved back into my childhood bunkbed. No job, no future prospects, I would lie in that bunkbed at night and wonder if my dreams were pointless and my life was totally meaningless. It was...


Very silly. Here I was, college educated, safe, warm, dry, and yet contemplating "nothingness". So, in order to capture the silliness of my predicament, I decided to write a short comedy script.


In The Deadbeat, a young man finds guidance in an especially unusual way, by taking his younger sister to a pet resurrection.

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